Mother’s fear over washing tablets

A WOMAN who says her son sustained a serious burn from washing tablets is “on a mission” to make others aware of the dangers of the product.

Tina Hall, of Primes Close, Barrington, had to take 17-month-old Tyler to hospital for treatment when a burn appeared on his upper leg after handling the Bold 2 in1 Liquitabs.

She said: “he worked out how to open the child safety locks for the kitchen cupboards and opened a box of tablets.

“I wiped him down, changed his clothes, and put him to bed without a second thought.

“But by 3am he was becoming quite distressed, and then by 8am a large burn appeared on his leg from his groin to just above his knee, and I knew I had to take him to hospital.”

Tyler was taken to the accident and emergency department of Addenbrooke’s Hospital, where he received treatment for the burn. He is now recovering at home.

However Mrs Hall was unimpressed with the response she received from Procter and Gamble, Bold’s manufacturers, when she called to inform them of the incident.

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“I have contacted Bold to say I don’t think the warning on the box is adaquate as it says it is ‘irritant to eyes and seek medical advice if swallowed’. It says nothing about how irritating it is to the skin and how it can cause you to burn,” she said.

“I suggested this should be added to the warning on the boxes, or a more child proof package be used, and all I was told was that ‘it does say it’s an irritant’ and how the boxes need to be suitable for disabled people.

“That’s fair enough, but you don’t see bleach bottles without a child safety lid.

“I am now on a mission to make others aware of how dangerous tablets for washing machines are to the skin.”

A spokesman for Procter and Gamble said the firm was sorry to hear about the incident.

She said: “It is very important to store all household products out of reach of children.

“The Bold 2 in 1 Liquitab packs are clearly marked as an irritant, with visual and written warnings to keep them out of the reach of children.

“Liquitabs are extensively researched and have been on the market for nearly 10 years, and when used as directed they are perfectly safe.

“As the product is an irritant, any skin reaction after exposure to the product will be completely reversible.”