Mobility scooter user calls for cycle path between Melbourn and Royston

Jeanette White.

Jeanette White. - Credit: Archant

A mobility scooter user who would ‘love to get out rather than staying in’ has called for a cycle path between Melbourn and Royston to be put back on a planning priority list.

Plans for a £7.2 million cycling ‘super highway’ connecting Royston and Cambridge were put on hold after the Greater Cambridge City Deal executive board decided not to deliver the scheme over the next five years.

But Jeanette White, who lives in disabled-adapted accommodation in Melbourn, believes the highway could be of great benefit to people using mobility scooters who want to gain more independence.

She said: “I would love to be able to get to Royston on my scooter but would be very scared of crossing the bypass. Yes, there are buses – but on a nice day, as I have a scooter, I would rather use it.

“I would also be able to get to my doctor at Burns Road so I could get an appointment any time rather than time it with the buses.

“I am for a safe passage from Melbourn to Royston using my scooter as I love to get out rather than stay in.”

Melbourn county councillor Susan van de Ven, who is a long-serving member of the A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign group, is presenting a list of more than 40 businesses in support of the cycle highway to the City Deal assembly tomorrow.

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Mrs van de Ven said: “The Cambridge-Royton A10 corridor appeared on the City Deal list in the first place because of its very high level of employment within a residential area.

“This means that a lot of people are travelling very short distances to work.

“At the same time, businesses are growing fast and many are running out of car parking space and gridlock traffic is increasingly common.

“Big and small businesses have told us that with safe cycling networks, many of their employees would choose to cycle rather than drive.

“The list of signatures, which is continuing to grow, includes two FTSE 100 companies – ARM in Cambridge and Johnson Matthey in Royston, as well as the East of England Ambulance Service Trust.”

The Meldreth, Shepreth and Foxton Rail User Group is meeting at 7.30pm on Monday at the Melbourn Community Hub.