Missing Leah returns home

A VULNERABLE woman who was believed to be missing in Pakistan has returned home.

Leah Reed, who suffers from bi-polar disorder, had gone missing from her Melbourn home and her father feared she been “groomed for a nefarious purpose”.

The 28-year-old, who is dependent on lithium, flew back to Heathrow on Saturday and her family are now helping her recover after supplies of the drug dwindled.

Leonard Reed said: “She flew back to Heathrow on Saturday, her health isn’t good I have to say. It was a situation with medicine which was very time sensitive.

“We’re totally relieved that she is alive and back with us. Pakistan is a great country. It is very volatile country in parts, but it is a great country and there are some good people there. The present situation is that she is safe, she is alive and everybody is relieved to say the least and we are now trying to get her back to health again.”

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As Miss Reed is recovering her father would not go into details on her ordeal.

She disappeared after telling her family she was going on holiday on April 24 and was reported missing on May 2.

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The Foreign and Commonwealth Office would not comment on her return home but was aware she was missing last week.

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