Memorial bench at Royston Tesco will honour lost workers and solve seat issue

Elizabeth Freeman, Roger Hill, Hazel Lord, Caroline Coates and Maureen Hill, at a Bus Stop at Tesco

Elizabeth Freeman, Roger Hill, Hazel Lord, Caroline Coates and Maureen Hill, at a Bus Stop at Tesco in Royston - Credit: Archant

A memorial bench will be installed at the refurbished Royston Tesco bus stop in Old North Road, in memory of lost colleagues.

The bus stop was replaced after a car collided with it several months ago, causing injuries to the passengers and damage to the stop.

The new design does not include seats, so in order to solve the seating issue, store manager Cliff Ingles has pledged to install a memorial bench, to honour the memory of lost colleagues.

Cliff said: “Over the coming weeks we hope to install a commemorative bench, which will perfect for bus passengers to sit on, and will honour the memory of lost colleagues.”

The news that seating will be installed at the bus stop has pleased local campaigners from the Royston branch of the Liberal Democrats, who last week set up chairs at the bus stop in protest at the lack of seating available for waiting passengers.

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The protesters said they were unaware of the plans for the memorial bench, as the grocery giant had failed to reply to a stream of letters sent over the last five months.

Four members of the committee took chairs and chocolates for waiting passengers on Wednesday last week and the passengers took advantage of their offer of a seat.

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Caroline Coates from the group said it was ‘excellent’ that Tesco will be installing seating and said she welcomes the news, but said she was left confused as to why the supermarket giant had ignored letters from the campaign group asking for action – four of which have been sent since the end of July.

A spokeswoman for Tesco said they did not wish to comment further.

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