Meldreth 10-year-old calls for safer cycling in Cambridgeshire

A second phase of measures to adapt road space in favour of cyclists and pedestrians in Cambridgeshi

A 10-year-old from Meldreth is calling for safer cycling routes in Cambridgeshire - Credit: PA

A 10-year-old has asked officials when they will be able to cycle safely in Cambridgeshire, saying they do not want to buy a car when they are older.

Iris Bostanci, from Meldreth, challenged the Greater Cambridge Partnership on the time the Greenways network project is taking.

The Greenways scheme aims to create a network of routes in the Greater Cambridge area that allows people to use sustainable transport, such as walking or cycling, to access the city.

The project began in 2016 when the existing cycling and walking routes into Cambridge were reviewed by the Partnership, and in 2020 the Executive Board approved the 12 Greenway routes that are currently planned.

The 12 routes form the spokes of a wheel, and will link up with other Cambridge projects such as the Chisholm Trail, and where possible to each other, to make a seamless journey both around the outskirts and into the heart of the city.

An update on the project was presented to the Partnership’s Executive Board at a meeting on Thursday, March 17.

In their question to the board, Iris said this was the second time they had asked when they would be able to use the planned routes.

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They said: “Three years ago I went to the GCP to ask how old I would be by the time the bike path to Royston is finished.

“I am now 10 and going to secondary school next year. It feels there has been no progress.

“How old will I be when I can ride my bike safely to Royston? I don’t really want to have to buy a car when I’m older.”

Responding to Iris’s question, Peter Blake, the director of transport at the partnership, said the project is on track, but will take time to complete.

He said: “The Greenways network is a big project and unfortunately that takes time to deliver. It is 150km in all, and the Melbourne Greenway is part of that.

“The report outlines the progress that has been made to date and the planned engagement for all of the Greenways that will happen over the next 12 months, in particular for Melbourne that will happen in September.

“The Greenways programme remains on track to complete by the target delivery date of 2025.”