Melbourn Village College’s Gabrielle comes top of the class for First World War project

Gabrielle Phillips won MVC's Trench of the Year competition. Picture: MVC

Gabrielle Phillips won MVC's Trench of the Year competition. Picture: MVC - Credit: Archant

Students at Melbourn Village College have been immersing themselves in battlefield trenches as part of their history studies on the causes and events of the First World War.

The Year 9s have not only learned about the mental and physical challenges of trench warfare, but have been researching trench conditions and recreating the trench networks they have investigated.

This resulted in a creative homework and a Trench of the Year competition, which was won by Gabrielle Phillips.

She spent six days researching, planning and creating such a meticulously detailed piece of work that showed outstanding historical detail and a clear love of the subject.

Gabrielle hand knitted the sandbags on top of her trench, she used hundreds of lollypop sticks for the ladders, sides and even built a German and British dug-out on either side.

History teacher George Tobutt said: “We’ve had so many fantastic designs made by talented and enthusiastic Year 9 students who have not only put a great deal of effort into the design process but also found out a great deal about life in the First World War as part of their research.

“As the nation focuses on our national day of remembrance it is also important to remember the individuals who made up our forces and the stories they have passed down to us which tell us so much about our national story as well as our local community.”

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Principal Simon Holmes added: “It is the love of learning that inspires students to work towards reaching their potential and I am so pleased that students spend so much of their own time wanting to continue their studies after being inspired in class.”