Melbourn teenager Callum sets his sights on a career in medicine or law after scoring top GCSE marks

Callum Harvey-McMahon scored top marks in his GCSEs at Comberton Village College.

Callum Harvey-McMahon scored top marks in his GCSEs at Comberton Village College. - Credit: Archant

A teenager from Melbourn has said he is thrilled after achieving top marks in his GCSE results – and now hopes to pursue a career in medicine or law.

When Callum Harvey-McMahon opened his results at Comberton Village College this morning he saw he had been awarded three 9s in English and maths – the highest mark under the new 1 to 9 system – and 11 A*s in other subjects.

He told the Crow: “I was very shocked. I thought I might scrape an 8 in English, as this is the first year the new grades are being used.

“I think it was a worry in my class because an A* is an 8 or a 9, and you don’t want what would have been your top mark to be 8 out of 9 – the grades can’t compare to other years.

“Because the exams are harder there is that extra pressure. I work really hard, I have got a good memory which helps, but it’s about getting your head down and doing the work.

“I’m going to party tonight, then I have some work to do and I will have a rest after that.”

In September, Callum – who was head prefect at Comberton – will be off to The Perse School in Cambridge to do A-levels in biology, chemistry, maths and history.

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He said his main goal is to study medicine at Oxford, but also has his options open and might study law.

Mum Fiona said: “When he opened his results this morning I was in floods of tears. He has had to overcome challenges to do this well.

“We lived in Scotland until about eight years ago, and he had to unlearn their way of doing things and start from scratch.

“Ever since Callum was five years old, he’s been so driven to do his best and we are thrilled at what he’s achieved.

“He and his friends are competitive – I think a lot of kids are wanting to do well more than ever these days. He works very, very, hard and I’m so proud of him.”