Melbourn’s ‘anti-social behaviour hotspot’ regenerated with extra safety measures as part of village-wide project

Melbourn car park is being redeveloped

Melbourn car park is being redeveloped - Credit: Archant

An ‘anti-social behaviour hotspot’ in Melbourn is undergoing a huge refurbishment which will take months to complete, councillors have said.

Melbourn car park, opposite the hub in the High Street, is a particularly bad spot for vehicle related anti-social behaviour and has been used as a gathering place for younger people to drink alcohol, leading to delinquent acts such as throwing litter over garden fences.

It will now be transformed at a cost of £255,000 as part of a village-wide renovation project.

A spokeswoman for the parish council said: “Refurbishing the car park goes well beyond a little resurfacing and a few white lines.

“We are aiming to create a village asset which will last for the next 50 years with minimal upkeep.”

The designs aims to discourage any undesirable activity – the lanes will be separated by raised dividers to prevent anti-social driving and an ‘extensive brand new’ CCTV system will be put in place to catch any criminal activity.

The lighting for the car park will also be upgraded to keep it fully illuminated at night.

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Chief Insp James Sutherland supports the renovation. He said: “I applaud the parish council for the work they are doing to address ASB issues related to the car park.

“This has been an anti-social behaviour hotspot for many years and ultimately it is only design improvements combined with targeted police intervention that will put an end to these issues.”

He added that most of the anti-social behaviour in this area has been ‘historically under-reported’.

The project will also incorporate new drainage, including a soak away to avoid sending rain water onto the High Street and pedestrians will be kept safe from traffic with a walkway protected by wooden rails and posts.

Other parts of the village will also be spruced up along with the car park. The concrete bollards, in front of the Co-op and elsewhere, will be replaced with cast iron ones.

The path around the war memorial will also be relaid, and parish council employees will be provided with a workshop and store at the rear of the car park.

The bus shelter will also be replaced ‘in a style much better suited to a rural South Cambridgeshire village’, said the spokeswoman.

The car park will be closed until November.