Melbourn care home to open doors to Hartbeeps toddlers for interactive session inspired by Channel 4 documentary

Kelly Gaine runs Hartbeeps in Royston and surrounding areas.

Kelly Gaine runs Hartbeeps in Royston and surrounding areas. - Credit: Archant

A mum-of-two who runs music classes for youngsters in Royston and further afield has organised a special event at a Melbourn extra care home inspired by a TV documentary.

Kelly Gaine has run Hartbeeps – which provides interactive sessions for babies and young children – for two years, and is to going to the Morlands Court for elderly and disabled people for a session which could have come straight out of Channel 4’s Old People’s Home for 4 year olds.’

The programme was first shown in July and saw pre-schoolers join a group of 11 pensioners at a care home for six weeks, and highlighted the positive impact the children have on the residents.

Of the session in Melbourn, Kelly said: “We’ll have fun games, dressing up, music, and sensory activities, followed by tea and squash afterwards.

“It’s going to be for residents to watch and get involved if they want to.

“I’ve had so much positive reaction when I tell people about how it benefits everyone, both the children and the residents.

“People in care homes are usually older, they are looking for a break in their routine and this offers something different – It’s wonderful to see everyone taking part.”

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Kelly’s background has always involved care in some way, she used to be a a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association .

She said: “In that role I worked with blind and visually impaired adults to match and train them with a guide dog, and prior to that I was a long haul flight attendant for Virgin Atlantic, specialising as an onboard signer for deaf passengers – so a mixed career, but with a care theme throughout.

“Bringing the fun and magic of Hartbeeps into a care home setting is something I have wanted to do for a long time.

“The career change with Hartbeeps suited me after the birth of my second baby.

“It’s wonderful being around babies and meeting new families, with my second child I had postnatal depression and a lot of mums I meet have been through that as well, so it’s good to be able be around other mums and share experiences.

The session will see 15 babies and toddlers join residents for 45 minutes of fun and games, music and sensory activities on Monday next week.

Kelly added: “I think that projects like this are such a valuable way of bringing people together, hopefully it works! I have had lots of interest from other care homes in and around Royston so will hopefully be running another soon.”

Regular Hartbeeps classes run every Tuesday and Friday in Royston. For more information go to or search ‘Hartbeeps Royston, Baldock & Buntingford’ on Facebook.