Marathon heroes from Royston and South Cambs share their medal moments after going the distance in London

The Khandel Light runners.

The Khandel Light runners. - Credit: Archant

Emotions were running high as people from Royston and the surrounding area each crossed the finish line of the London Marathon 2017 on Sunday.

David Rootes running for nephew Adam.

David Rootes running for nephew Adam. - Credit: Archant

• David Rootes, of the Royston Runners, went the distance a personal best of 03h57m16s. He said: “I was running for my profoundly disabled nephew, Adam, and raising money for PhabKids. Londoners many deep lined the route, clapping and shouting all the way. It was so uplifting and humbling and they got me through the final six miles when my legs were screaming to stop. I was so pleased to get a personal best.”

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• Fellow Royston runner Sharon Windebank ran in 4:25:36. She said: “After six months of hard training and support from Royston Runners I had such a great day and thoroughly enjoyed the event from start to finish – the motivation from the crowd and other runners was indescribable.

Sharon Windebank.

Sharon Windebank. - Credit: Archant

For a first-timer with little legs I was pleased to get through to the finish line.”

She has raised £3,000 for Herts MS Therapy Centre in Letchworth

• Running for the same cause, Abi Moore notched up a time of 05:15:28. She said: “As my first marathon I knew it was going to be tough, especially when injury had meant I hadn’t run for seven weeks but with such an amazing atmosphere the adrenaline soon kicked in and the crowds were so supportive they carry you over what at some points felt like an impossible finish line! Such a great day out.”

Abi Moore.

Abi Moore. - Credit: Archant

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It wasn’t just runners and spectators from Royston and district, there were members of Royston Runners working on the baggage lorries, 15 mile mark and the finish line, Debbie Chapman, who co-ordinates the baggage team volunteers said: “This year we were given two lorries which was tough but the hard work was worth it. Being at the finish it is great to see the runners as they finished the race. We saw every emotion - tears of relief, pride, pain & happiness.”

There were also Royston Runners working at the 15 mile mark on the course and at the finish line.

The Baggage team featuring Royston Runners.

The Baggage team featuring Royston Runners. - Credit: Archant

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• Royston’s Craig McMurrough, 46, donned a big marshmallow costume to take on the marathon for Breast Cancer Now and made a load of new friends en route as he teamed up with karaoke singer Graham Burns and others to entertain the crowds and collect their donations through out the course, they went in pubs along the route for ‘some proper drunken breast cancer karaoke and Craig finished in 07:22:57

“After a few miles the bucket was nearly impossible to carry, it was a winning combination!” they said.

For Craig’s fundraising page, see

Craig McMurrough and Graham Burns joined forces to raise cash.

Craig McMurrough and Graham Burns joined forces to raise cash. - Credit: Archant

• Irish dancing teacher Laura Gallacher ran her first marathon for the London event’s charity of the year Heads Together in 06:03:49.

The 32-year-old from Royston said: “It was the most amazing and exhilarating experience. The crowds cheer your name and push you round that course to finish. “I would recommend it to everyone! I found seeing my friends and family and dancers at the 600m to go point the final boost I needed to cross that line. I loved it so much that I’ll continue running and I’ll continue to work to change the conversation on mental health.”

Her fundraising page is

 Craig McMurrough centre, with friends he made en route Jan Casson and karaoke man Graham Burns

Craig McMurrough centre, with friends he made en route Jan Casson and karaoke man Graham Burns - Credit: Archant

• Eight runners took part to raise funds for Barley-based charity Khandel Light. Founder member and veteran runner Bridget Gough, 61, clocked up her 14th marathon for the charity with a personal best of 04:17:39. Her fundraising page is son Richard Gough clocked 03:46:56 on his first marathon, and his page can be found at

John Adamson did his fourth run for Khandel Light in 03:58:12, to add to his total go to

Fatima Santos ran in 3:38:41 in her second marathon for Khandel Light, and her page can be found at

Laura Gallacher.

Laura Gallacher. - Credit: Archant

Samantha Lott ran in 5:08:42 and to add to her total see

Nick Coles ran in 5:29:20 and his page is at


Alisa Tubbs.

Alisa Tubbs. - Credit: Archant

It was 04:37:41 for Leanne Alston, and 04:52:45 for Jenni Jones’ first marathon – their joint page is

• American Alisa Tubbs, who has been living in Melbourn, had her husband Cliff and son Miles cheering her on in the crowd as she ran for Ovarian Cancer Action.

She said: “I was blown away by the cheering literally every step of the race. It was amazing how many people in London were out enjoying the event! This marathon had more crowd support than Boston or any of the big races- even New York. My son and husband loved the day too. They rode the tube and met me at 5 points for ‘high-fives’ along the course. What a thrill!”

Tasha Angwin.

Tasha Angwin. - Credit: Archant

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• Melbourn’s Tasha Angwin ran in 05:53:22 for Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust.

She said: “The London marathon was my first ever marathon and it was a truly amazing experience! The atmosphere and crowds pulled me through when it started to get a bit tough. It was an experience that I will never ever forget and I feel honoured to be able to say I finished the London marathon 2017.”

Sass Pledger.

Sass Pledger. - Credit: Archant

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• Litlington mum Sass Pledger ran the marathon for the Meningitis Research Foundation in 6:13:14 after she, her daughter Georgiana and her father-in-law Tony all contracted meningitis within three years. She said: “It was amazing, challenging, incredibly hot, and despite six months of training tougher than I’d imagined.

“Thousands of fantastic runners coming together to raise money for worthwhile charities. The spectators were amazing, offering fruit, jelly babies and much needed shouts of encouragement. I felt so pleased, and relieved, to be one of those to finish! “

Check out her fundraising page here