Malingering along for a double date at Royston Folk Club

The Malingerers will be performing on stage at the Old Bull Inn.

The Malingerers will be performing on stage at the Old Bull Inn. - Credit: Archant

One boasts a blend of country, blues, folk and jazz with typically British and Irish flavours.

The other comes with many years of experience but with a ‘fresh approach to the world of folk rock’.

But both bands will be performing at Royston Folk Club at the end of the month.

The Malingerers and CarnaC are set to be double headliners at the gig on Friday, February 26.

Hailing from East Anglia, The Malingerers say their music is more akin to the southern western states of the US than the UK folk scene.

The band, which formed in 2009, is made up of Kevin Murphy on lead vocals and guitar, Craig Murphy on harmonica, guitar and backing vocals, Tim Palmer on fiddle and backing vocals, Andy Donovan on double bass and backing vocals and John Moseley on drums.

Tim said: “We’ve had the pleasure of playing here a few times now and it’s a great club, run by Chris Walls and Mark Gamon, who are both extremely passionate about folk and roots music.

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“The club puts on regular events for both well established artists and up and coming acts, and always guarantees a fantastic evening of music.

“Hopefully we can add a few more to the enthusiastic regular crowd, especially as it ties in with the release of our new album Wine and Lies which is released on March 4.”

CarnaC are Kevin Neaves, Guido M Rincón, Bryan Causton, Steve Collins, John Campbell Armer and Penni McLaren Walker, a collection of artists from bands such as Slave the Monkeys, Albion Morris and Strangeworld.

Tickets for the Old Bull Inn show are £12 and £10 in advance, but just £2 for the under 25s. Find out more