Make the A505 safer: Continued criticism over delayed improvements to Royston to Baldock stretch

The Crow has been running a campaign to Make The A505 Safer. Picture: Danny Loo

The Crow has been running a campaign to Make The A505 Safer. Picture: Danny Loo - Credit: Archant

An A505 campaigner has hit out at the lack of progress being made on improvements to the road between Royston and Baldock.

Lynsey Langdon started a campaign to Make The A505 Safer after her policeman husband Greig was involved in a crash near the Slip End junction, which saw him fracture his spine.

Her campaign, which was backed by the Crow and led to us starting our own call for improvements to the stretch, has been running for three years but she said she is still so frustrated at the lack of progress.

Lynsey told the Crow: "It's infuriating, that it seems like Herts County Council have done absolutely nothing.

"It's going to take a death for them to change the road, it could be me, or you or any one of us. I don't know what they are waiting for.

"I know that the road itself doesn't cause crashes, but the layout makes it dangerous. "There are things they could be doing now, like changing the speed limit to 50mph.

"I understand we aren't the only ones with a dangerous road to contend with, and it is about money, but this has gone on too long.

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"My husband is still in pain, he is taking painkillers and he has post traumatic stress disorder. He has nightmares and flashbacks.

"He does go to work and provide for his family within this ability.

"He used to be so strong and confident, but that road has changed us all.

"I will continue the fight until something is done."

The Crow believes the layout of the road should be changed.

While we hear of crashes all the way up to Duxford, the majority of incidents and near-misses reported to us occur between the two Herts towns. This is why we have concentrated our efforts here - where the road is 70mph, is dotted with cut-through junctions in the central reservation for access to villages, has slip lanes that are short to be safe, poor visibility and a real problem with wrong-way drivers. The Crow asked the Herts County Council for an update on the progress of improvements, and was told they are currently developing a project for the whole of the A505, and are looking into different options.

A HCC spokeswoman said: "Once the development of the A505 project is complete and the scheme/s have been successfully consulted upon, funds will be sought to enable construction."