Looks like rain for Royal Wedding day

A ROYSTON weather expert has said that those hoping for a scorching hot summer’s day for the Royal Wedding will be left disappointed, as temperatures are unlikely to rise above the mid-teens.

Temperatures are expected to reach a high of around 14 degrees celsius, with some rain possible.

“It certainly won’t be as warm as it has been recently,” said met observer Richard Barker, who runs the Iceni Weather station from his home in the Ridings Estate.

“The average high temperature for April 29 over the last 30 years is 14.5 degrees celsius, and I imagine it will be a similar situation this year.

“It’s been very sunny this month so far, 40 per cent on average more than it normally is, but the day we all want it to be the most it will probably turn out not to be.

“There may be a few showers, but they shouldn’t amount to too much. It’s been such a dry April, so we need the rain, although certainly not on Friday!”

The cooler temperatures come after the highest temperature in nearly 40 years of 27.1 degrees celsius was recorded in Royston last week.