Looks like it’s time for cake! Royston community group marks 10th birthday

Royston Time Bank 10th anniversary cake.

Royston Time Bank 10th anniversary cake. - Credit: Archant

When an organisation which specialises in trading skills in the community celebrated its 10th birthday, it was only fitting that the splendid cake was baked by one of its members.

Audrey Drage created the celebration treat, enjoyed when supporters gathered at Royston Town Hall for a special film showing complete with popcorn and ice creams.

Royston Time Bank chair Clare Swarbrick, who cut the cake with Kat Shepherdson, the Time Bank manager at North Herts CVS, paid tribute to the support the organisation has received from the Mayor of Royston’s charity fund, MP Sir Oliver Heald and county councillors Fiona Hill and Tony Hunter.

Members receive one time credit for every hour that they spend helping out in the community, and they can then spend the credit on getting something for themselves.

Find out more and get involved at www.mytimebank.org.uk.