Lollipop lady’s fear of child safety

A LOLLIPOP lady in Melbourn has admitted she fears for the safety of children due to the “total disregard” of drivers – and claims not enough is being done to protect them.

Angela Winter, who lives in Royston, has reported four incidents of cars failing to slow down over the past six months, which almost resulted in either herself or a child being run over.

Mrs Winter said: “There is total disregard from the drivers. They just don’t stop. There has been occasions when I’m actually standing in the middle of the road with children with me and drivers take no notice and drive past.

“There is absolutely a huge danger of someone losing their life. It’s not just me, it’s the children that are in trouble as well.

“Some of the mums let the kids walk on their own to the school so I need to take care of them. Some of them aren’t quite savvy enough to notice the cars, so they come close to being hit every day.”

The crossing, which is situated on The Moor, near Cambridge Road, is used twice a day by students who attend Melbourn Primary School and Melbourn Village College.

There is no speed bump there, although there are warning lights and school signs. Added to this, Mrs Winter wears a yellow jacket and holds a sign, but she claims this is not enough.

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“Cars just do not slow down at all. The speed limit is too high and when I have reported cars speeding not enough is done about it.

“A van drove straight through me not long ago. I told the police, and all they did was ring the company and he got a ticking off. There were children on the road at the time and they could have been knocked over.

“Some PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers) came here for a training day earlier in the year, and acted like they were shocked at the situation. However nothing has been done about it.”

Andy Swallowe from Cambridgeshire County Council, said: “I have a responsibility to ensure that all of our crossing patrols work in the safest possible environment.

“Drivers have a legal responsibility to stop when a school crossing patrol operates in the road to cross children. Drivers that fail to stop can face three points on their licence and a �1,000 fine.

“A minority of drivers endanger the lives of the children and school crossing patrols who are assisting them to cross the road. These drivers need to realise that their lack of awareness, ignorance of the road traffic act or cannot be bothered to stop/wait attitude could result in the death or serious injury to children or crossing patrol.”

Police Insp Chris Savage said: “We are always concerned with child safety. Within a few weeks, our new police office for Melbourn will open on the village college site, enabling our neighbourhood team to work much more closely with the school community including Mrs Winter.”