Litlington's Josh ploughs into top spot with competition win

Josh Bullard, 18, being presented with his award at the British National Ploughing Championships

Josh Bullard, 18, being presented with his award at the British National Ploughing Championships - Credit: Supplied

Litlington is now home to the young farmer national ploughing champion, after an 18-year-old bagged top spot - and his sister earned a podium place too!

Josh Bullard and his sister Ellie, 21, are regulars at ploughing matches, in Herts, Cambs, the surrounding counties, and further afield. 

They both work for their family's grounds maintenance firm Stewart Bullard & Son - and are experienced tractor drivers. 

Ellie said: "We've been involved with it for a long time. Before COVID we would go to a ploughing match every weekend from September to November or December."

Josh Bullard at the British National Ploughing Championships

Josh Bullard from Litlington at the British National Ploughing Championships - Credit: Supplied

The pair took part in the 70th British National Ploughing Championships this month, and Josh's performance saw him win overall Young Farmer Champion. In his class - classic tractor ploughing - he won Best Young Farmer and second place in the class overall.

Ellie came third in the Best Young Farmer section of her class - which she was extremely pleased about - and said she was so proud of her brother.

"Some people take it really seriously, and Josh definitely does," she said. "He does have fun, but he gets in the zone. 

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"He's always tinkering with his plough, his is much more complicated than mine. He was probably quietly confident, but doesn't show it."

Josh told the Crow: "I didn't expect to win - I went for the experience, and I was pretty shocked!

"When they said my name out I couldn't believe it. My family were there, my grandad and my dad and my sister - it was amazing." 

The siblings said there aren't many young people getting into ploughing - and they would encourage anyone who thinks it might be for them to give it a go. 

Ellie said: "A lot of the same people get involved, it is good because you know people's strengths and weaknesses, but there's not going to be many more people in unless younger people start coming up.

Josh said: "Everyone is friendly at ploughing matches, if anyone wants to get into it I think go along to a match and see what it's about. People will help you and give you advice."

The pair have a younger sister, Chloe, who is nearly 12 and is hoping to follow in her big brother and sister's footsteps. 

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