‘Lines are helping my son stay safe’ – Mum of boy with autism praises actions of man who painted red lines at Royston school crossing

Amy - with sons Ollie, 5, and Michael in the buggy - said that it has been easier for them to cross

Amy - with sons Ollie, 5, and Michael in the buggy - said that it has been easier for them to cross the road now the red lines have been painted. - Credit: Archant

The mum of an five-year-old boy with autism has praised the actions of the Royston father-of-three who painted red lines at a crossing used by schoolchildren in Burns Road.

Amy Friggieri said that since the lines were painted by Mark Snowden, Roman Way First School pupil Ollie’s behaviour at the roadside has improved.

She said: “Ollie’s not a good on the spot thinker, so visual aids are a must in our household.

“For example, we have to have a photo of a toilet in front of the TV so he doesn’t forget to use the loo when he’s focusing on something else. Otherwise we have a lot of accidents.

“Before the lines were there I felt I had to constantly shout at him from a little way away to remind him not to stand too close to the road.”

Amy also as a two-month-old son, Michael, and said that if Ollie got too close to the road she would have to help him while also holding onto the pram.

“I don’t like to make him walk holding on to the pram, as he and all his friends like to skip together

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“He’s not a fan of touching so he won’t hold my hand. If forced, we face a meltdown before school has even started.

“I had no idea it was Mark who painted the lines until I saw the story in the Crow. I thought the council had done it and I was so thankful. I will be really sad if the council remove the lines as it gave me so much comfort to know that the visual aid was there for my son as he’s a strong rule-abider and he wouldn’t dare cross a red line without me.”

A Herts County Council spokesman has confirmed to the Crow that there are currently no plans to remove the lines, as other jobs take priority.

He added: “Unauthorised lines should not be painted because not only can it confuse road users, but utility suppliers have their own symbols when completing works, and confusing signs could lead to dangerous situations.

“If parents and residents have concerns about road safety we would encourage them to contact the county council directly.”