Kung Fu master from Royston publishes book on Chin Woo Kung Fu

author glen stanway

author glen stanway - Credit: Archant

A KUNG FU master has written a book examining the legends and facts behind one of the world’s largest martial arts groups.


Fearless - Credit: Archant

Glen Stanway, who runs the GMax Kung Fu and Kickboxing Academy in Royston, has penned Fearless: The Story of Chin Woo Kung Fu, which explores the legend of the founding master of the Chin Woo Kung Fu School, Huo Yuanjia. A national hero in China, his name translates to English as “Fearless”.

Mr Stanway said:, “I get asked all the time about the origins and history of kung fu, not only from my students, but also from people who may not be interested in learning a martial art itself, but who are curious as to what it is I teach and perform.

“I’ve trained at and visited Chin Woo schools in Hong Kong, Singapore, and all over Malaysia. I ended up collecting a lot of historical information about Chin Woo over the years, but had never consolidated it”.

The book explains how Chin Woo revolutionised martial arts at the turn of the twentieth century, using modern training methods, now taken for granted by today’s martial arts clubs and associations, and reveals that film star Bruce Lee briefly trained with the group while preparing to make a movie.

“What the Chin Woo masters were teaching in Shanghai in 1910, is just as relevant today in my Royston lessons in 2013,” said Mr Stanway.

Fearless: The Story of Chin Woo Kung Fu, is available to buy in paperback and Kindle via the links on the GMax website, www.gmax.me.uk.