Kate Middleton banned from Facebook

ROYSTON’S very own Kate Middleton was booted off Facebook last week, as the social networking site made a mistake in thinking she was an imposter to the fianc� of Prince William.

Jeffery Close resident Kate was given no indication her account was to be suspended, saying Facebook didn’t consider there are other Kate Middleton’s in the world.

“I logged on and they said my account has been de-activated, with no message saying why,” she said.

“A few days later they got in touch and said it was because of my name. I couldn’t believe it. It’s annoying more than anything and they didn’t consider people like me.”

Mrs Middleton, 27, uses the site to manage her business Southwood Flooring, and missed several important messages and questions from clients.

She also stays in contact with her mother, who lives in Holland, using the site, which has almost 600million users.

“I have a lot of clients on my Facebook page, and it could well have cost me business. It could have been a lot worse if I was expecting an important piece of information,” she said.

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“I chat to my mum on the site almost every day too, and she wondered where I had been.”

Mrs Middleton, who interviewed by Cosmopolitan magazine last month for a feature on ‘other’ people with her name, says sharing the name of a future queen has already caused some problems.

“I rang my electric company the other day and told them my name. The laughed and asked me what it really was. It’s going to keep happening more and more once they are married, and will be worse if she becomes Queen.

“My eight-year-old daughter keeps asking me why we haven’t been invited to the wedding!”

A spokesperson for Facebook, who reinstated Mrs Middleton’s account three days later, said: “We review thousands of pieces of content every day and take action to ensure Facebook remains a safe and trusted environment for everyone.

“Of course, we make an occasional mistake. This is an example. When this happens, and it’s brought to our attention, we work quickly to resolve the issue.”