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Pros and cons of social networking

THESE are the things I no longer want to hear any of my online friends talk about: how bored you are, how tired you are, how you are not looking forward to work, how much you drank last night, how much you are going to drink tonight, how drunk your mate was last night, who you are supporting in a reality TV programme, what you are eating, what you are watching or what you are wearing.

This is why I recently had a clear out of my Facebook friends. I know them all personally, but there is no need for me to read about how good they are at Fifa every time I log on.

The internet is a wonderful resource, and all who have access should feel privileged that they can have their opinions read, in theory, by the entire world. Social networking sites are the easiest and most popular way of letting a potential audience of billions know how you feel, which is why we should strive not to clog it up with drivel.

Instead of telling me what sandwich you had for lunch, ask yourself if anyone cares. Ask yourself if this is something that is enlightening the world, or making a difference to anyone. Ask yourself if you should be doing something more interesting at that point in time. If choosing your sandwich filling is the most interesting thing that happens to you that day, re-evaluate your life.

Why don’t you point someone in the direction of a fact, statistic, video or article? Ok, judging on the way you spell ‘something’, ‘saink,’ you may not be fully developed as a human. Therefore, please don’t bother at all. I’ll probably end up with a video of you headbutting a dog, or something.

When I first signed up to Facebook, I was keen to find out what old friends were up to now. I was genuinely pleased to read that many of them were happy, doing whatever they were doing, but quite disappointed that many former friends had nothing interesting to offer. Even if you have what I would consider a boring job or home life, it’s no excuse for telling me about it.

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These people have since become the biggest culprits for updating their pointless activities. It’s bad enough if you’re a mate of mine and you’re telling me that your shoes are giving you blisters, but if you’re someone I haven’t seen since I was 16, then I’m sure you’ll be disappointed to know you haven’t made my cut.

Facebook can be a good thing. Promoting a business, a charity or a band can earn publicity and fans, and this is what, for the most part, it should be used for. This and expressing truly insightful opinions and beliefs, quips that might make people laugh, facts and opinions.

So please think next time you update. There is always something more interesting to write than how you have a hangover after going out last night, which by the way, is surely expected.