‘It sickens me to the stomach’ – Road safety campaigner speaks out after three more crashes on A505 in Royston

Greig and Lysney Langdon.

Greig and Lysney Langdon. - Credit: Archant

After three more incidents on the A505 in Royston last week, the founder of a campaign group to make the road safer has told the Crow she finds reading about the incidents ‘sickening’.

The car flipped onto its roof. Picture: Henry Jones

The car flipped onto its roof. Picture: Henry Jones - Credit: Henry Jones

Lynsey Langdon’s husband Greig fractured his spine in two places after a crash on the road in July this year.

She said she dreads hearing about incidents on the A505 anywhere around Royston because she knows exactly what the families are going through, but wants to raise awareness for something to be done to improve road safety.

“It sickens me to the stomach,” said Lynsey.

“Every time I hear about another accident I think of another family going through what we did, I think about them getting that phone call.”

After the crash on the westbound A505 in Royston at the junction with Newmarket Road. Picture: @roa

After the crash on the westbound A505 in Royston at the junction with Newmarket Road. Picture: @roadpoliceBCH - Credit: @roadpoliceBCH

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On Thursday last week there were two crashes on the road within an hour of each other.

The first happened on the roundabout near Royston Tesco Extra where a Suzuki motorcyclist collided with a silver Volkswagen Golf and injured his ankle, while the other happened westbound near the junction with Newmarket Road. A man in his 20s was treated for a leg injury.

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And a day later, on Friday, a car overturned at the roundabout with the A10 – with one man taken to hospital.

Police officer Greig hasn’t been able to work since the crash he was involved in due to constant pain in his back and neck, and he is now receiving specialist physiotherapy.

“We’re still not back to normal, and we just don’t know if or when Greig will get better,” said Lynsey, who lives in Royston. “It’s not just the massive physical and financial impact, its pyschological.”

Lynsey has been leading the campaign since to improve road safety conditions, with a ‘Make the A505 safer’ Facebook page, meeting county councillors Tony Hunter and Fiona Hill, as well as North East Herts MP Sir Oliver Heald. but said progress has halted.

“It’s like banging my head against a brick wall,” she said.

A spokesman for Herts County Council said: “Work has started on renewing road markings on the A505 and extensive cutting back of vegetation has taken place to improve sight lines at junctions.

“Improvements to road signs are planned for this month after the current utility roadworks are completed.”

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