‘It’s nice to have the recognition’ – Barley-based Pinkster Gin on the up with two business award nominations

Stephen Marsh with his Pinkster Gin, based in Barley.

Stephen Marsh with his Pinkster Gin, based in Barley. - Credit: Archant

A Barley-based gin maker has plenty of reasons to celebrate this month after being named as a finalist in two high profile business awards.

Stephen Marsh with his Pinkster Gin finalist letter.

Stephen Marsh with his Pinkster Gin finalist letter. - Credit: Archant

Pinkster Gin made the final six of inaugural Rural Business Awards’ best rural food & drink business category in a ceremony held a week ago, and also is in the running for an East of England Business Champions award which will be announced in a fortnight.

Entrepreneur Stephen Marsh is the man behind the ‘agreeable British gin’ brand and used an intolerance to yeast in alcohol to inspire a rasberry-infused gin recipe.

After success at a food and drink festival in 2013, the 50-year-old realised the strength of his business idea and has seen demand continue to grow ever since.

“I have to say it was news to me, but it’s really nice to be chosen as finalists,” said Stephen, who runs Pinkster from Barley’s Smith End Lane.

“These award nominations all help spread the word about the business. I wouldn’t want to overplay their importance, but it’s nice to have the recognition.

“And, as we’re always beavering away, when you get something like this it makes you stop and take note.”

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Rural Business Awards joint founder Jemma Clifford said: “We are looking to highlight excellence in the rural sector in our awards.

“Pinkster Gin shows the kind of brilliant, original thinking we see so often among rural entrepreneurs.

“It’s high time entrepreneurs like Stephen won the recognition that their hard work and originality deserve.

“There is a wealth of business excellence in the countryside and it deserves to be promoted.”

Stephen and his Pinkster team hope the accolades are a signs of things to come, and says the business may well be on the move to another rural location.

“We’re operating at maximum capacity here and to grow next year we need to find a larger premises,” he said.

“Ideally we’re looking for something within a 10-minute drive – an rural agricultural premises like a big unused barn.”

To find out more about Pinkster or get in contact with the team visit www.pinkstergin.com or call 01763 849739