‘It’s a death trap for cyclists’ - Campaigners call off part of awareness bike ride between Royston and Melbourn over safety fears

People who took part in the A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign's awareness ride, which for the first time

People who took part in the A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign's awareness ride, which for the first time could not include the the cycle path between Royston and Melbourn, for health and safety reasons. Picture: Gerald Cranwell - Credit: Gerald Cranwell

Members of the A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign opted for caution and cut part of their planned ride at the weekend – because it was deemed too dangerous.

The ride, in its fourth year, saw 60 people – above – saddle up to raise awareness of cycling conditions in the area.

Susan van de Ven, a keen cyclist who represents Melbourn on Cambridgeshire County Council, said: “For the first time, we decided not to run the Royston to Melbourn segment because the route has become even more dangerous.

“The A505 roundabout is a death trap for cyclists, as is crossing the A10 itself where the national speed limit applies.

“What we have currently is a rudimentary path, not an official cycle path, and health and safety was an overwhelming concern so we decided we couldn’t take that route.”

The group is calling for a safe cycle path connecting Royston and Melbourn but, because of the county border on the route, funding is difficult.

Susan said: “The whole funding system is not designed to accommodate natural transport corridors that traverse county boundaries.

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“It would be unrealistic for local people to raise funds for a cycle path or other infrastructure, but some funds may be more easily won if we have a community contribution.”

Of the need for the route to be established, she added: “Royston’s voice is the loudest, the need is very great.

“A lady in Melbourn uses a mobility scooter and can’t get to the doctors in Royston on her own.

“Being outside really does boost your mood, it’s so good for mental and physical health, and those who are less able have just as much right to be out on their own, to keep their independence, but the way things are with the route that isn’t the case.”

The group’s next meeting is on Tuesday, June 7, at Sagentia in Harston Mill (7pm for 7.30pm start).

Email contacta10cycle@gmail.com or call Susan on 07905 325574 if would like to join the group.