Is this the world’s smallest pub?

IS this the world’s smallest pub? Villagers toast the campaigners who open a bar in telephone box to help save a pub from redevelopment.

Organisers from the Save the Plough in Shepreth opened the Dog and Bone - a cockney homage to the telephone box that was recently bought for �1 by the parish council - to raise awareness for their campaign to stop their village pub being turned into a five-bedroom house.

Alistair Janson, who ran the Station Road pub last night, said: “As part of the action group, we believe this to be the smallest pub in the world and are looking to seek recognition from the Guinness Book of Records.

“A lot of villagers have pitched in to help us open the Dog and Bone, and all we are asking in return is a bit of money to donate to go towards the cost of the beer.

“We just want to demonstrate how thoroughly we need a pub in the village, by using the only facility left in the village. Because we are the smallest pub in the world, we are only giving out the smallest glasses of beer.

Sam Lee admitted she’d never seen anything quite like a pub in a telephone box and it would be good to get the community back together.

Ann Clarke, moved to Shepreth six years ago because it had a shop and a pub, said: “Since we have moved we’ve lost two reasons why we came here. But it would be good if they could do this more often, especially if it means we get the Plough back.”

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County Councillor Susan Van de Ven added: “I would say that the Dog and Bone is offering some serious competition to the Plough in its heyday. This should be a regular summer pub.”

It was estimated that around two thirds of the village signed a petition to save the Plough from redevelopment and councillors are expected to make the decision whether to grant MPM Property (Royston) planning permission in the coming months.