Impact of London Riots felt in Royston

CROW Country’s London commuters have spoken about the “underlying feeling of menace” the riots tearing through the capital have left in their wake.

Since the weekend areas of civil unrest have erupted across London after a man was shot dead, with looting, arson, and vandalism rocking the city.

Despite the violence unfolding in the capital, workers have continued to make the journey to London, but say the running battles and violence have left a bad taste in their mouths.

“I think it’s pretty much had an effect on the whole country,” said one man.

“I come from Tottenham and used to go for tea in the building that went up in flames.”

A financial worker had to leave work early, and many others said they were glad to leave the city, with some adding they had friends in the city who had been caught up in the chaos.

One business owner, who did not want to be named, said people he knew through work had seen their cars vandalised.

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However a woman, formerly of Enfield and currently working in the area, described the scene.

“It was pretty disruptive, but on Tuesday ii was not so bad, although all the shops have closed early,” said Sue Cormack.

“I was quite happy to get away from it – there’s that underlying feeling of menace you know.”

The riots rocked the city for three days, beginning on Saturday night and continuing on Sunday and Monday after nightfall.

After two days of mobs rampaging through London officers from both Herts and Cambs were drafted in to bolster the Metropolitan Police on both Monday and Tuesday night.

The latter saw 16,000 officers take to the streets.

A spokesman for Hertfordshire Constabulary said: “The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Civil Contingencies and Public Order Planning Unit has sent a Police Support Unit (PSU) to assist the Met.

“Hertfordshire custody officers are dealing with prisoners for the Met, and call taking support has also been offered.”

The riots have also led to MPs being recalled from their summer recess to discuss the matter in Parliament today (Thursday).

Royston’s MP Oliver Heald said: “I think it’s a good idea to recall Parliament.

“It’s been really quite shocking to see the criminality and violence in London.

“It’s very hard to explain it as a protest when people are looting.

“I’m a strong supporter of peaceful protest but these people are going out on the rampage and looting people’s shops.

“It’s just lawlessness and it needs to be stamped down on.”