Hundreds get connected with Herts video stream session to talk about sexual health

Safe sex and contraception were among the issues discussed during the live event

Safe sex and contraception were among the issues discussed during the live event - Credit: Archant

A live video stream session hosted by Herts health chiefs to help raise awareness of sexual health issues attracted more than 700 viewers.

And 150 of those who linked up to the session using the Periscope app took part in discussions about a range of subjects, including what happens when patients visit a sexual health clinic and what happens during testing.

More than 26,000 patients have used sexual health and contraception services in the county in the last nine months, but more people need to seek accurate information through their local sexual health service or their GP.

The experts warn that getting the wrong information can lead to people taking risks that can cause health problems such as sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies.

Councillor Teresa Heritage, Herts County Council’s cabinet member for public health, said: “We are committed to providing the best services possible for Hertfordshire residents by investing in sexual health services and getting the best quality we can for our money.

“Regardless of your age, looking after your sexual health is as important as looking after any other aspect of your health. Don’t ignore it - it is far better to have peace of mind than to not know.

“There are many ways you can get free, confidential sexual health information, advice and treatment in Hertfordshire. You won’t be judged and you can go anonymously if you prefer.”

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In a recent countwide survey, 47 per cent of the men asked have never thought about their sexual health, even though three quarters (74 per cent) said they would encourage their friends to have a sexual health check if they had had unprotected sex.

For women the awareness is slightly higher but only 58 per cent of respondents said that they knew where the nearest sexual health clinic is situated.

A sexual health check is a free, professional service that is completely confidential. The clinic will not share any information with anyone unless it is necessary for the health care or treatment of the patient. A health professional will discuss options and offer an examination or test if you want one. Most clinics have a choice of male and female doctors and nurses.

For information on sexual health services, what is available for you and where to find your nearest service visit or call 0300 008 5522.