Infrastructure concerns as another development proposal lands on doorstep

Google Maps/ Barkway Road Royston

The Barkway Road site at the edge of Royston - Credit: Google Maps/ Barkway Road Royston

Residents have expressed concern over proposals for another new development in Royston  - this time for 300 homes on the southern edge of town. 

Plans for the 'Barkway Road, Royston' development have been delivered to residents in and around Beldam Avenue.

Claremont Planning, on behalf of Southern and Regional Developments, and Landhold Capital, are preparing an outline planning application on land north of Flint Hall  to deliver approximately 300 new homes "including a mix of open market and affordable dwellings".

On the development's website states that the 18 hectare/45 acre-site "is  located outside the Green Belt and is in a highly sustainable location and can easily integrate into the existing urban form of Royston".

It adds that "there  are well established public footpath links through the site that provide opportunities to access facilities and services of Royston including schools and community uses."

In December, Royston Town Council members received a presentation from Claremont Planning Consultancy about the emerging development proposal.

Householders have now told the Crow their concerns over the impact development in the area could have. 

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Lee Baker, who lives adjacent to the proposed land, said: "Yet again, developers are targeting Royston for its opportunity to make money by building more homes in the town, yet the infrastructure of the town has not been upgraded.

"Royston has seen a significant increase in its population due to recent developments, however there has not been an increase in the number of police officers, ambulance crews, doctors or dental surgeries within the town.

"More importantly there has been a reduction in the number of schools within Royston. Sixth form students have to go outside of Royston for their education, which the government says they have to attend but make no provisions for them to be taught in their own town.

"The proposal for 300 houses could mean at least an extra 600 cars using the Barkway Road. In the mornings and evenings, the Barkway Road and A10 circular are gridlocked, this proposal if it goes ahead will increase the amount of traffic through Royston.

"The town cannot take anymore developments, unless those companies wishing to make money from the good links to London and Cambridge put some of their profit into developing the towns infrastructure and services."

Developers state vehicle access into the site will be provided from the B1039 Barkway Road and no vehicle access would be provided from adjacent residential roads, such as Wortham Road and Beldam Avenue. Future pedestrian and cycle connections would link through to existing residential areas.

David Webb said: "Barkway Road cannot sustain 300 homes worth of traffic.  All vehicles would be force to head towards town centre to get access to the A505 and A10. 

"The road is already a single lane due to parking along the terrace houses and unlike the Burns Road/ Sassoon Drive housing estate which they created a road off the A505 layby for their construction vehicles. Barkway Road doesn't have similar luxuries. 

"Royston cannot sustain it's current population without adding another 1,000 people.  Royston needs to stop building more homes until adequate services can be provided for the current population."

Other proposals for our area include developer Thakeham's bid for a new town and connecting villages of  25,000 new homes on land around Barrington, Bassingbourn-cum-Kneesworth, Foxton, Meldreth, Orwell, Shepreth, Whaddon and Wimpole. There's also Gladman's bid to build 99 homes near Briary Lane in Royston.

Regarding the Barkway Road development, the Crow has contacted Claremont Planning and Landhold Capital - neither were available for comment before we went to press.

We also contacted North Herts District Council - and a spokesperson said they have no comment on the plans as they have not been approached by the developer. 

Royston Town Council were unable to provide comment before we went to press. 

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