Horse subjected to vicious dog attack


RSPCA - Credit: Archant

A FRIGHTENED pony was injured in a vicious dog attack after a terrier jumped from the first floor window of a house in a quiet village.

Ashwell resident Holly Clark saw her pony, Monty, attacked by the dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, when she was driving him through Litlington at about 4pm on Sunday.

She said: “He’s suffered a few injuries and he’s been on anti-biotics, we’re waiting to see if he has any lasting health problems.

“He’s a driving pony, and my friend and I were sitting in the carriage when this dog jumped out of the upstairs window of a house and started biting Monty’s leg.

“We got out to try and shoo it away and keep the pony calm, but it wouldn’t let go and eventually sunk its teeth into his stomach.”

The dog only let go when the horse, having been detached from the trailer, bolted.

Ms Clark said: “He was so frightened he ran for more than a mile to get away. We had to go and get a car and follow him across the fields.

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“I reported it to the police but they can’t do anything, so I wanted to warn people in case it attacks someone else. I keep Monty in Litlington so it’s very worrying to think that a dog like that is in the village.”

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire Police confirmed the incident had been reported, but said that no criminal offence had been committed.