Homes plan for Melbourn site scrapped

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The average household chucks away £125 simply by failing to look for a better deal on home insurance. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

RESIDENTS are claiming a victory for people power after a site in their village was left out of plans for future housing developments.

The land off New Road in Melbourn had been earmarked for more than 270 new homes in South Cambridgeshire District Council’s draft Local Plan. But following consultation, the site has been taken off the list of potential developments.

A group of residents formed the Melbourn Housing Development Awareness Campaign (MELDHAC) to encourage villagers to make their views known during the consultation.

This led to about 700 forms being submitted from Melbourn, thought to be more than four times the total of any other place in the district.

Mike Swann, from MELDHAC, said: “From our point of view it’s brilliant news. The support we had from the village was fantastic, and was instrumental in showing the district council that we didn’t want this kind of development in Melbourn. Thank you to everyone who backed our campaign.”

Cllr Jose Hales, Melbourn’s district councillor, paid tribute to MELDHAC’s work.

He said: “I believe the number of responses to the consultation submitted from Melbourn was more than four times that of anywhere else.

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“MELDHAC ran a really good campaign, in that they weren’t telling anyone what they should say, they were just encouraging people to say something, and I’m delighted with the response they got.”

One site in the village, a potential development of 65 homes on land behind Victoria Way, has been included in the plan. The Local Plan will now be discussed by the council’s cabinet, before a final public consultation this summer.

Cllr Pippa Corney, the district council’s cabinet member for planning policy and localism, said: “We’ve listened to our residents throughout extensive consultation on the draft plan and are pleased that parish council development ideas are also part of these final proposals.

“Reflecting local feeling, the majority of new development will be based around Cambridge and in new towns or villages with only a small percentage in existing communities, creating employment opportunities and much needed new homes.”