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Please send us pictures of your deadly pets.

Please send us pictures of your deadly pets. - Credit: Born Free

Are you living next door to one of the most deadly animals in the world? 

A new survey by conservation charity Born Free has revealed that of nearly 4,000 dangerous wild animals being privately kept in Britain some 104 are living in Hertfordshire.

The research reviewed the number of Dangerous Wild Animals (DWA) Act licences granted by local authorities in 2020 across the UK.

Local authorities in Hertfordshire revealed that the licences granted cover 104 dangerous wild animals residing in the county of which there are at least 15 venomous snakes including saw-scaled vipers, a Chinese spitting cobra, and a Western diamondback rattlesnake.

Born Free

Send us in pics of your deadly pets. - Credit: Born Free

The  report revealed four crocodilians including Mississippi alligators and 67 cats including 10 pumas, two Amur leopards, three cheetahs, a jaguar and a snow leopard. 

The county's animal residents also include five scorpions, four venomous lizards and two ring-tailed lemurs.  

Perhaps the most shocking find of all is the two camels living here in Hertfordshire.

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