Here comes the bride - in a Rickshaw

A NATIONALLY renowned wedding venue has added an exotic transport twist to its ceremonies.

South Farm, in Shingay-cum-Wendy, recently bought a Thai Tuk Tuk to ferry wedding guests around its 25 acres of land. Phillip Paxman, the owner of the venue, said: “I had the longest holiday I have had since finishing college in Thailand. “Tuk Tuks are there as well as taxis but all the tourists go to the Tuk Tuks because they’re exciting, you get the wind in your face and the drivers are maniacs.”

The three-wheelers are also known as auto rickshaws and are used across Asia for transport.

Mr Paxman imported his Tuk Tuk from Chang Mai in North Thailand after he visited the region.

He had to ship it over especially and modified the engine from a two-stroke to a 650cc petrol machine.

He said: “So many of our brides love Thailand, many plan their honeymoons there too.

“So I got carried away and bought one.

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“It had to come in a container, so that was just the excuse I wanted for a Thailand shopping spree.

“We filled the rest of the space with giant handmade pots, Buddha statues carved from whole teak trees, wonderful bamboo parasols, loads of exquisite lacquer ware and rattans and wicker, kantoke sets and heaven knows what else.

“The chap at Customs was a bit perplexed when I explained it just wouldn’t all go in my carry on bag.”

South Farm is a popular wedding venue with over 130 booked for this year and was ranked sixth in the top 100 UK wedding venues by Conde Nast Brides magazine.

James Paxman, managing partner at the venue, said: “Imagine arriving, proud Papa at your side, on the lawn for the service in a romantic Tuk Tuk.

“I pick up the bride at the bridal suite, cruise down the drive, give the throttle a fruity boost, out into the meadows and around to the lawn and the summer house where most of our ceremonies are conducted. It always raises the roof.”