Downing Street Christmas party 'an insult to those that were grieving loved ones'

Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlines his four stage lockdown exit plan during a media briefing in D

PM Boris Johnson introducing COVID-19 restrictions last year - Credit: Leon Neal/PA Wire/PA Images

Families who were unable to see their loved ones during Tier 4 COVID restrictions last year have expressed their anger and distress at the news of multiple alleged Downing Street parties taking place over Christmas.

One reader, who asked to remain anonymous, attended her husband's funeral on December 18 - the same day that cabinet ministers were apparently enjoying a festive celebration.

She said: "My husband was killed in a car accident on December 1. His funeral was held on December 18, the same day as the alleged party.

"I could only have 30 people to pay their respects at his funeral and only 15 at his wake. There should have been over 100.

"Nobody could console me other than my daughter, no hugs for any family and friends, we all had to keep our distance abiding by the rules laid out by the government."

Like many others, the widow was outraged that the government seemed to be hypocritically disobeying its own rules.

She said: "To think that people in power were enjoying a get together, totally ignoring the rules and laughing and joking about it, is an insult to those that were grieving loved ones and those that could not say goodbye to them. 

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"It's utterly disgusting and heads will roll."

Crow reader Michelle George attended two family funerals last year which were also heavily restricted due to COVID regulations.

She said: "Both my grandmothers died last year. One died in June and I couldn't see her for two weeks before she died as she was in hospital.

"She wasn't able to be buried in the clothes she wanted, and we were only allowed five people at a graveside funeral plus no wake.

"And one died in December so was only allowed 30 people at the funeral in church with masks, no hymns and socially distanced and again no wake!

"So why were the leaders of this country allowed to have a party considering we have all sacrificed so much!?"

Key worker Jessie van Delden worked in Cambridgeshire up until Christmas Eve, but lives in Herts where tighter restrictions were in place.

She said: "I was forced to spend Christmas Day alone as this side of the border was in Tier 4. I was upset but followed the rules.

"I am angry about the PM's party and will be spending this year with my family regardless."