Some of our areas have seen a spike in the number of people told to isolate after being 'pinged' by the NHS COVID-19 app over the last four weeks, new data shows.

Stevenage and Central Bedfordshire have seen the highest number of alerts, while North Herts and South Cambs saw a slight dip in the latest week.

In North Herts, 1,289 people were told to self-isolate between July 7 and July 14, compared to 1,324 the week before. In the week of June 23, this number sat at 611.

In the same week, 1,281 alerts were sent to people in South Cambs, compared to 1,354 in the week before. There were 544 people told to self-isolate in the week of June 23.

For Stevenage, numbers have risen from 333 in the week of June 23 to 778 between July 7 and July 14.

Central Bedfordshire saw a record number of people pinged by the app between July 7 and July 14, with 3,180, which jumped since June 23 from 712.

This coincides with a rise in cases across all four local authorities. Between July 12 and July 18, there were 390 new cases in Stevenage, 580 in North Herts, 1,625 in Central Beds and 552 in South Cambs.

As of July 20, there were nine people in Lister Hospital with the virus, one of whom is on a ventilator.