Hard-rocking drummer who performed with Slash sets up shop in Bassingbourn field

Benjy Reid. Credit: Patipatah.

Benjy Reid. Credit: Patipatah. - Credit: Archant

A hard-rocking drummer who has performed with the likes of guitar hero Slash on the international circuit has set up shop in a Bassingbourn field.

Having toured around the world for more than two decades providing the pounding beats for top American and European rock stars, Benjy Reid has started up Templar Antiquities from scratch in a 350-year-old barn.

The timber-framed barn – at Road Farm on the Old North Road – is now home to the 47-year-old’s growing collection of old and new furniture ‘for the home and the castle’.

Benjy said: “When I first stepped into this barn that is plainly labelled Unit 8, my gaze was immediately lifted upwards, drawn by the lofty height of the age old timbers, twisted and bent as they were, every tenon still in place.

“Of course my jaw hit the ground at the same time as I fell immediately in love with the place.

“Something special has to happen here, so I am gathering unique items that fit dramatically in a historical atmosphere that will compliment any home from any architectural era.”

This is all a long way from selling out the House of Blues in Los Angeles with Guns and Roses guitarist Slash on a John Bonham tribute night.

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But having moved to Bassingbourn, he is more than happy to put his energy and passion into the furnishings trade.

He continued: “For 2,000 years the indigenous and invading peoples of Britain have made more than full use of her forests and trees.

“Nobody could have stopped that, not even a Herculean, tree huggin’ hippie, but I do think it’s possible to abate man’s voracious appetite for wood by reclaiming and recycling, however small the contribution.

“Shabby Chic and Upcycling are mainstream motifs in the furniture trade these days so collectively this can add up to make a great deal of difference.

“Part of the theme at Templar Antiquities is creating new items by utilising those from old.

“We have some London building connections where we are sourcing a lot of Victorian red pine to construct made to measure mirrors and tables in particular.

“But for the most part, we are gathering Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and ‘Gothican’ pieces of unique beauty along with reproduction styles of superior craftsmanship that beckon to the historically minded.”

To find out more about what’s on offer in the shop email templarantiquities@gmail.com or ring 07951 777490.