Great Chishill climber rescued after becoming stranded in Everest earthquake

Jo Bradshaw was airlifted to Everest Base Camp.

Jo Bradshaw was airlifted to Everest Base Camp. - Credit: Archant

An adventure leader from Great Chishill has been rescued after becoming stranded on Mount Everest by the devastating earthquake which has killed hundreds of people in Nepal.

Jo Bradshaw and her team were at Camp 1, 200km from where the earthquake struck on Saturday, but the sheer scale of the quake was enough to leave them stranded for two days.

The 44-year-old and her climbing partner Rolfe Oostra of 360 Expeditions were airlifted to safety at Everest Basecamp this morning.

The following report was posted by Rolfe on Facebook: “The past few days have been scary as hell. We were living on the edge with new tremors making Camp 1 unstable and causing avalanches. It has been nervewracking.

“The noises have been intense and trying to predict directions of these knock on avalanches has left us all frayed. Imagine that I now say that this was a better place to be than Base Camp.

“Coming back to Base Camp wasn’t a moment of joy.

“There are bodies still lying covered in snow waiting to be airlifted out and there is debris all over a vast expanse. The visuals resemble how I would imagine a nuclear bomb site to be.”

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Jo flew out to Nepal with the challenge of climbing both Everest and Lhoste in one trip in aid of the children’s charity Place2Be. Sadly three sherpas who were assisting Jo’s team have died.

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on Saturday morning, with aftershocks over the weekend. Avalanches were triggered on Mount Everest, killing at least 18 people at Base Camp.