Great Britain’s Best Elvis aims to leaves BBC’s Eggheads all shook up

The team of Elvis impersonators on Eggheads

The team of Elvis impersonators on Eggheads - Credit: Archant

An Elvis tribute artist will be aiming to leave Britain’s top quiz brains in Heartbreak Hotel when he appears on BBC show Eggheads.

Mark Goddard with Egghead Chris Hughes

Mark Goddard with Egghead Chris Hughes - Credit: Archant

Mark Goddard, 48, who grew up in Royston and performs under the name Great Britain’s Best Elvis, will be appearing on the quiz next Wednesday, September 24.

The former Greneway and Meridian School pupil is part of a team of Elvis impersonators who took on the Eggheads, a collection of quiz champions from around the country.

Mr Goddard said: “I thought it would be colourful and entertaining to have a team of Elvis’s. I spoke to the producers first and asked if they’d be interested, and they were, so I got my team together.

“Most teams who go on are proper quiz teams. We’re not, but I thought it would be quite nice to show that, as well as looking good and sounding good, we also have brains.”

The team was selected from other tribute acts Mr Goddard has met on the circuit.

“It can be quite a lonely world, but a couple of times a year there are events where you can meet other Elvis’s,” he explained.

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“It’s not a competitive world, it’s very friendly. We’re the only ones who know what it’s like out on the road dressed as the king.”

Filming took place in Glasgow, and Mr Goddard said he and his team-mates – Elvis Shmelvis, Joel Ewens, Paul Lillie and Willard Ford - were made to feel very welcome by the Eggheads.

He said: “They were all very friendly and most of them were Elvis fans. We had a sing-along and they were very complimentary about our quizzing skills. I won’t say any more than that.”

Find out how the team got when they appear on the show, which is aired on BBC2 at 6.30pm next Wednesday.

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