Good results for Crow country schools

CROW country schools received good results across the board in the recently released GCSE results league tables.

Fifty nine per cent of pupils at Meridian School received five A-C grade GCSEs – placing them in 59th position out of Hertfordshire’s 97 schools.

They excelled in maths, equalling last year’s record results, with 100 per cent gaining at least a G grade.

Head teacher Dr Michael Firth said: “These results are simply stunning and are a timely New Year’s boost to our students. All students and the staff who taught them deserve our heartiest congratulations.

“Many students have already commenced their A level mathematics course on the basis of these very good grades.”

Freman College in Buntingford finished half-way up the Hertfordshire rankings for A-C grades, with 70% of pupils achieving this.

In the government’s new initiative the baccalaureate, which measures the percentage of pupils in the school achieving A-C grades in English, maths, two science subjects, a language and either history or geography, Freman came in at an impressive 18th in the county.

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“These results, reflect our commitment to making sure that all our students, whatever their ability, strengths and interests, do as well as they possibly can,” said headteacher Helen Loughran.

Despite their good performance in the Baccalaureate, Mrs Loughran was critical of the new system.

She said: “It saddens me that this new government measure is so limited in the subjects that it values. I do not believe that a completely traditional curriculum is right for every student.

“Students’ achievements in the arts and more work-related subjects, for example, deserve just as much recognition.”

In Cambridgeshire, Bassingbourn Village College finished eighth out of 35 for percentage of pupils achieving five A-C grades, with 69%. They were also ninth in the county for the Baccalaureate.

Principle Scott Hudson said: “We are delighted that the performance of our students places us amongst the highest attaining schools in Cambridgeshire with results in the majority of key indicators that are significantly above county and national averages.

“The recent GCSE results represent the highest performance ever by the college and a fourth consecutive year of improvement which is a true reflection of the hard work and commitment of our staff, students and parents.”

Melbourn Village College were also pleased with their performance, with 66% gaining five A-C grades.

They were also third highest in the county in the government’s new CVA measure, which calculates pupil’s progress between leaving primary school and finishing their GCSEs in comparison to children from similar backgrounds.

“We are delighted that the newly published League Tables show Melbourn Village College as being the third most successful school in Cambridgeshire on the CVA measure,” said warden Elaine Stephenson.

The national average for percentage of pupils achieving five A-C grades is 54.3 per cent. Both Hertfordshire (64.1 per cent) and Cambridgeshire (58.9 per cent), were above this.