Girls write Disney story of their own

GIRLS from a local dance school have returned from a “once in a lifetime” trip to perform abroad.

Students from the Stephanie Prior School of Dancing in Royston showcased their moves at the Fantasyland Festival Theatre at Disneyland Paris, in front of an international audience.

They were successfully chosen for the opportunity at the beginning of 2010 and have since been training hard to get every step correct for the show, which took place at the beginning of August.

Tara Prior from the school said: “We have been working so hard, evey weekend in fact, on perfecting routines so that we could put on a stunning performance out there.

“All 39 of the girls are from Royston and the local villages. It was a truly amazing performance from them.”

The girls, who range from six to 21 years of age, had a DVD of their work watched by the production company that organised the show, who was so impressed he said they wouldn’t even need to audition.

“The production company said they didn’t take anyone for the show unless they had worked with them before. They asked me to send a DVD though, and he said they such a talented group of dancers they could have the show.

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“It was a real big honour because we are the first school to have gone to the show without auditioning.”