General Election 2017: Statement from South Cambs Green candidate Simon Saggers

Green candidate Simon Saggers. Picture: Ria Mishaal Cooke

Green candidate Simon Saggers. Picture: Ria Mishaal Cooke - Credit: Ria Mishaal Cooke

I was brought up in Bassingbourn and returned, after working in the charity sector, to establish the Guilden Gate smallholding with my wife Jacqui. We have a 15 year old son George and a 13 year old daughter Maddie.

I was lucky to grow up in South Cambs. I want to look after it now and hand it on in great shape. My family trace our South Cambs roots back to the 1600s so when I say I am a local candidate that cares aboutSouth Cambs I really mean it!

I have been proud to have been a small part of the vast network of volunteers that help village life flourish. Over the last 18 years I have been a parish councillor, a trustee of the local housing trust, part of the Living Local Group and a governor at the village college.

I joined the Greens because I wanted an alternative to the main parties. Green policies arebased on the unarguable truth that without a healthy planet nothing else is possible. PlanetEarth is the ultimate source of everything we make and use, from food to the air we breathe.

Our economic prosperity depends on the natural world so the climate crisis and resource crisis combine to present the human race with a challenge that should be at the top of the political agenda. We need to make bold changes, and return to ‘one-planet-living’ if we want our

children’s children to inherit a planet that is a good home.

I will stand up against our outdated winner-takes-all voting system, which sadly makes it feel like voting in South Cambs doesn’t make a difference.

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With proportional representation, we would have a fairer political system that inspires more of us to get involved.

The Green Party will hold a referendum on Brexit once the terms of a deal have been agreed with the EU. The referendum will have two clear choices accept the Brexit deal negotiated or remain an EU member.

Greens will reverse the decline in funding for the NHS, ensure all services are delivered by public services, not private companies and give mental health parity with physical health.

Greens will scrap tuition fees and will reinstate the maintenance grant to ensure that everyone who wants to can attend university without going into debt.

Green policies offer a new hope - we can create a political system governed by integrity and compassion, not by big business and vested interests we just need your help, so please vote Green and be part of creating a brighter more equitable future for our children.