General election 2015: Heidi Allen becomes new Conservative MP in South Cambridgeshire after taking over from Andrew Lansley

Conservative Heidi Allen is the new South Cambs MP.

Conservative Heidi Allen is the new South Cambs MP. - Credit: Archant

South Cambridgeshire has stayed Conservative, with Heidi Allen taking over the seat from the outgoing Andrew Lansley.

The new MP won with a huge majority of 20,594. Previous MP Andrew Lansley had had a majority of 7,838 over the Lib Dems whose number of votes has more than halved.


Dan Greef, Lab - 10,860

Sebastian Kindersley, Lib Dems - 9,368

Marion Mason, UKIP - 6,010

Simon Saggers, Green - 3,848

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Turnout: 73.37 per cent

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