Gates broken at Foxton level crossing for weeks need specialist parts before they can be fixed

Cyclists crossing next to traffic due to broken pedestrian gate.

Cyclists crossing next to traffic due to broken pedestrian gate. - Credit: Archant

A gate which allows pedestrians to cross the trains tracks when the level crossing barriers open at Foxton railway station has now remained broken for seven weeks.

Anyone wishing to cross on foot has to squeeze past traffic when the level crossing barriers lift for vehicles.

Councillor Susan van de Ven, who represents Foxton on Cambridgeshire County Council and founded the Meldreth, Shepreth and Foxton Rail User Group, said: “We have been lobbying very hard for pedestrian safety.

“The gates often malfunction and this problem has been going on for years and years.”

Network Rail said: “We apologise that we haven’t yet repaired the gates and have ordered specialist parts.”

Last year, the rail company carried out a £100,000 feasibility study to explore alternative options for the level crossing.

The first included a replacement road bridge, with footbridge for pedestrians, while an underpass was also suggested.The cost of the bridge scheme was estimated at around £14 million.

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But Councillor van de Ven said she was disappointed to hear the scheme had been shelved when she contacted the county council last summer.

Network Rail added: “Creating an alternative route for the A10 and providing access for pedestrians and cyclists over the railway is both a road and rail issue.

“We are committed to finding a long-term solution that would improve traffic and provide an alternative for people to get across the railway.

“The feasibility work that has been done so far will inform any scheme that is taken forward in the future.”