Gang turn pensioner’s car on it’s roof

A DISABLED pensioner has been left virtually housebound after a gang of vandals damaged his car by flipping it on to its roof.

Jim Chamberlain of Willowside Way, Royston, has seen his vehicle subjected to three attacks since the turn of the year.

In the most recent one, the Microcar Prestige, which was parked on his drive, was left on its roof, and the windscreen destroyed. The car has been sent away for repairs, which will take at least another five weeks, leaving Mr Chamberlain, 67, without any means of transport.

“They come on a Friday night fairly early in the evening,” he said. “My family have tried to help me by putting up a security camera, but the damage caused last time was so bad they’ve had to take the car away.

“I have no other way of getting around so I’m stuck at home most of the time.

“The first couple of times they put the car on its side, but this time it was right on its roof.

“I’ve reported the incidents to the police but they don’t seem to be able to catch them. I know my neighbours have had problems with vandalism too.”

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Mr Chamberlain’s great niece, Tracy Adams, branded the gang perpertrating these crimes “mindless thugs”.

She said: “Jim loves getting out and about, and I know he likes going to the Duxford bank holiday air show. Unfortunately he hasn’t been able to this year because of their actions.

“The family have been helping him as much as we can, but he shouldn’t have to put up with this kind of behaviour.”

Terry Hutt, from the Royston Pensioners Action Group, of which Mr Chamberlain is a member, said: “Jim is an elderly person and these incidents have given him a lot of stress he doesn’t need. It’s a real problem for him.”

Mr Hutt has written to Royston MP Oliver Heald, asking him to bring pressure to bear on local authorities to build a security fence outside Mr Chamberlain’s house.

“The police are involved but so far they seem to have got no further,” he said.

Sgt Jon Vine From Herts police’s Royston Neighbourhood Team said: “We have been made aware of these incidents and we are fully investigating them.

“We regularly patrol the area but would ask members of the public to keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour and call police on 0845 33 00 222 with any information. If you see a crime in progress always call 999.”