Gallery: Sweetshop benefits from first Royston cash mob

Mobbers gather for the start of the Royston Cash Mob

Mobbers gather for the start of the Royston Cash Mob - Credit: Archant

MORE than 50 people turned up to “mob” a sweetshop in Royston on Saturday as part of a new initiative to boost trade in the town centre.

As reported in The Crow last week, Hertfordshire’s first ever cash mob took place in Royston on Saturday. Organised by Chris Lee following a discussion on the Streetlife section of The Crow website, participants gathered in the town centre where they pledged to spend £5 in a designated shop.

Ladds, which sells sweets, stationary and greeting cards, was chosen at random from a shortlist of three by eight-year-old Katherine Swarbrick. Yolande Gautrey, who is part of the management team at the store, said staff were surprised and delighted to be invaded by so many shoppers.

She said: “We were thrilled and touched to have been chosen for the first cash mob. It was lovely to see familiar faces and some we didn’t know, some people said they didn’t even know we were there. It really gave our takings a boost.

“It’s a really positive idea for the town and I hope they hold another one and pick a different shop so that they can benefit too.”

Julie Quy, who was part of the cash mob with her two children, said: “I want my children to be able to enjoy local shops in a lively town centre when they grow up. Ladds is great for cake decorating – I’m a regular. And I’ll definitely be at the next cash mob.”

Organisers hope to hold another event in late May.

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Mr Lee said: “One suggestion was to invite the local Town Band to play ‘Big Spender’ as the mob surprise staff in another shop. Music to the ears of local retailers in these hard times?”