GALLERY: No business like snow business in Royston

A BLANKET of snow transformed the region into a winter wonderland on Sunday with residents making the most of the seasonal weather.

Sledgers flocked to Therfield Heath turning the beauty spot into a popular piste for the day, with Royston residents sailing down the slope for hours.

It wasn’t just tobogganists getting in on the act.

Amateur sculptors also put in a good effort with a snow Dalek created in Coombelands, Royston.

Lyn Cooper and husband Neil were behind the masterpiece.

She said: “We’re not really fans of the show we had to go and google a picture of what it looked like.

“It was just something to do rather than make a bog standard snowman.”

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The animals of Shepreth Wildlife Park also had chance to enjoy the weather with the tigers and ponies particularly savouring the snow.

Rebecca Willers, of the park, said: “The tigers really enjoyed it with Amba and Rana out in the snow for most of the day, and the polecats were out most of the day.

“The Porcupines didn’t like it we put them out because we were cleaning their cage and they were basically waiting outside by the door to get in.

“Our Pony Missy was running round the paddock and rolling in the snow she really liked it.”

The animals’ enclosures are all heated at this time of the year so they did not suffer with the weather.

Amateur meteorologist Richard Barker measured the snow and found 14cm had fallen by Sunday morning after it started on Saturday night.

He said: “We don’t often get snow fall to that depth. December 2010 and January 2010 were snowy months but it is a good depth for our area.”

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