Royston community raises thousands for Leela after horrific burns

Seven-year-old Leela Savill is in hospital recovering from burns after a candle caught her dress alight

Seven-year-old Leela Savill is in hospital recovering from burns after a candle caught her dress alight - Credit: Courtesy of the Savill family

A seven-year-old girl from Royston suffered horrific burns after a candle caught her dress alight, and her family is now raising money for support.

Leela Savill's dress caught fire on the afternoon of Sunday, April 10, giving her third degree burns over 54 per cent of her body.

She ran to her 12-year-old sister, who is now suffering from nightmares following the accident. Leela's sister alerted their auntie, who ripped off Leela's dress and sustained severe burns to both of her hands.

Leela was then admitted to the ICU burns unit and has had several operations, with more still to come.

Family friend Em Manchee set up a JustGiving page to raise money to support the family, who will now have additional expenses for Leela's care in addition to bills, rent and supporting their two daughters.

She said: "Both parents are beside themselves. They are frantically worried as they know that there is a long road ahead and great uncertainty around their finances and that of being able to provide for the needs of Leela given the sad circumstances.

"They are all currently still in shock - they are scared for Leela but also her older sister and I honestly feel it would be better for the family if they could get through this difficult situation without having the added concern over finances and potentially losing the roof over their heads and having bills pile up.

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"What has happened to this family is any parents’ worst nightmare."

Leela is currently on a ventilator and undergoing treatment for sepsis, and her family is hopeful that she will be off the ventilator soon.

Her dressings are being changed every 48 hours to keep on top of the infections and to make sure her wounds are being kept clean.

Leela's family told the Crow that she is being looked after very well, and that the hospital has been supporting the family with their mental health through this difficult time.

The fundraising campaign has currently raised more than £2,000 of its £5,000 target, and more than 80 people have made a donation.

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