Freman College students take part in climate change strike

Freman College students protest about climate change. Picture: Katie House.

Freman College students protest about climate change. Picture: Katie House. - Credit: Archant

Students at Freman College in Buntingford took part in the global protests about climate change on Friday last week.

Throughout the day, led by the school's Sixth Form Amnesty International group, students produced placards and demonstrated in front of the school to alert visitors, staff and fellow students to the dangers of climate change and to encourage them to take action to avert this crisis.

The sixth form students involved in the protest did so with the school's blessing and protested during their private study periods to ensure that they did not miss any lessons.

In Geography lessons, students learnt more about the causes of global warming and what they and their families can do to stop this from getting worse.

They had the opportunity to create 'protest postcards' to be sent to their local MP or other politicians. Tutors showed students an Amnesty International film outlining the threat climate changes poses to human rights.

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Students have already been working with the college to reduce its impact on climate change. Through their student council they have worked with staff to ensure that no plastic bottles are sold by the canteen and that all packaging and cutlery are biodegradable. There are recycling bins spread across the school site.

The college's hot water is heated by solar panels and the next project is to look into acquiring a composter so that food waste from the college kitchens can be recycled too.

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