Safety concerns continue in final days of travel hub consultation

Foxton travel hub plans

Foxton travel hub plans - Credit: Archant/GCP

The deadline to have your say in a survey on the Foxton Travel Hub is Friday - so please get involved if you are yet to do so.

The scheme, proposed by the Greater Cambridge Partnership involves a car park in the region of 750 spaces and cycle spaces for around 50 bikes. 

The safety of the project is of huge concern to the community - having been raised by villagers, the parish council, the Meldreth Shepreth Foxton Rail User Group, and by the Crow as front page news.

As part of the engagement period there have been meetings involving the GCP over Zoom, and a meeting at Foxton Village Hall which partnership representatives also attended. 

The GCP has told the Crow the engagement period would help shape the process. 

After the village hall meeting, Foxton's David Allars said: "The main objections were that firstly it is not a travel hub, it is a station car park. There are no plans to include a bus service operating from the site and indeed to access present bus stops anyone would not only have to cross the A10 but do so in the morning and evening traffic.

"I wonder how many members of the GCP have tried to cross the A10 at that point during rush hour or in fact spent any time watching the traffic and level crossing operations causing long tail backs which may, at their worst, obstruct access to the car park. I would point out that there will be disabled parking bays that GCP also expects people in wheelchairs or on crutches to risk their lives as well."

Mr Allars also said that the platforms would have many more commuters on them without an upgrade to the station itself. And said traffic-related problems were also a concern at the meeting. Other problems were an increase in localised pollution levels and more problems with access from Foxton onto the A10. 

He added: "Speaking purely personally and not on behalf of our parish council or any other Foxtonians, it seems to me that this scheme was thought up on the back of the proverbial fag packet by a planner during his lunch break and has now become a vanity project for the GCP, to be pushed through no matter what objections are raised."

A video on safety concerns can be viewed by searching 'Foxton Travel Hub Forum' on YouTube.

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The GCP told the Crow previously: "The hub is designed to encourage more people to switch to sustainable modes of transport as part of the GCP’s planned network improvements to help cut congestion and improve air quality.

“The design, which will link in to our Greenways active travel network, has been significantly updated following ongoing community engagement."

“We encourage people to take part in the engagement period between September 6 to 17.”

For the engagement survey, see the Foxton Travel Hub - Greater Cambridge Partnership website.