Foxton Travel Hub plans prompt safety and sustainability concerns

Foxton travel hub plans

Foxton travel hub plans - Credit: Archant/GCP

Foxton residents have said the travel hub proposed by the Greater Cambridge Partnership has been "dumped on the village", with no benefit to the immediate area.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership's travel hub plans at Foxton could provide in the region of 750 car parking spaces and in the region of 50 high quality cycle parking spaces.

However, Foxton Parish Council has written to the GCP with 'serious concerns' about the proposal.

Foxton Travel Hub plans 

Foxton Travel Hub plans - Credit: GCP

Parish councillor Andy Brown - who heads up planning on Foxton Parish Council - told the Crow: "This so-called hub is being proposed by the Greater Cambridge Partnership to help solve travel and transport problems for the city of Cambridge, but the problem for Foxton is that we get this thing dumped on us with no benefit for our village. 

"Foxton Parish Council has been actively engaged with the GCP for some considerable time now typing to get an amicable solution to this proposal but it seems that the GCP are not listening and are not really taking into account the concerns expressed by the village.

"The parish council has given tentative support for a proper multi-modal travel hub but all we seem to be getting is a large car park with some cycling parking. 

"We have argued that we are not necessarily opposed to the idea but what we are getting is unsafe, dangerous, and not in the interests of the village. 

"If we are to get a travel hub it must be a truly multi-modal hub and most importantly it must be safe."

The transport interchange and car park would provide around 750 spaces near Foxton railway station.

Foxton has been chosen as the site of a travel hub by the Greater Cambridge Partnership - Credit: Archant

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In a letter to the GCP, shared with the Crow it states that Foxton Parish Council fully supports the stated objectives of the  hub - to maximise the use of sustainable modes of transport, to improve connectivity and to improve the local quality of life. 

However, they say  the project would mean more car journeys would happen with people driving to the station. And for the project to be genuinely sustainable, bus and cycling facilities, and additional bus services should be included.

The letter said: "While it is encouraging to see cycle racks included in the current plans, the basic cycle infrastructure linking Foxton to other villages is still missing. Without this very few people will access the hub by bicycle.

"From a safety point of view the biggest issue is the current location chosen. It is on the wrong side of the road and on the wrong side of the level crossing.

"If the hub is to stay in the chosen location then to maintain safety, crossings of the two roads concerned, clashing with cyclists with pedestrians, access to either side of the railway station etc. will all need to be solved with items such as bridges and/or underpasses.

"One possible solution to some of these problems would be to provide an A10 bypass but such a strategic approach was lost when responsibility for bypassing the levee crossing was passed to the Combined Authority.

"The current proposals for the Foxton Travel Hub are wholly inappropriate, unsafe, and therefore dangerous. If the aim of the project is indeed to maximise sustainable transport use, we ask that the current scheme and design be put on hold pending a major redesign of the scheme to allow it to serve as a genuine sustainable hub for the surrounding area. 

The GCP is urging people to take part in the public engagement period, which includes a meeting at the village hall.

In response to the parish council's concerns a spokesperson told the Crow: "The Foxton Travel Hub is designed to encourage more people to switch to sustainable modes of transport as part of the GCP’s planned network improvements to help cut congestion and improve air quality.

“The design, which will link in to our Greenways active travel network, has been significantly updated following ongoing engagement with the community. Improvements include more cycle parking spaces and better local bus services to make it easier for people to walk, cycle or travel in and out of the city by public transport.

“We encourage people to take part in the upcoming public engagement period in September as we continue to refine this scheme.”

There is an open meeting with the GCP in Foxton Village Hall on Wednesday, September 8, at 7.30pm.