Foxton woman’s plea for phone with precious pictures on to be returned

Lol Buckley's late parents John and Ellen Silver. Picture: Lol Buckley

Lol Buckley's late parents John and Ellen Silver. Picture: Lol Buckley - Credit: Archant

A Foxton woman is asking anyone who knows the whereabouts of her lost phone to come forward, as on it there’s the last photos she took of her mum before she died.

Mum-of-two Lol Buckley said she was out with friends when she lost the phone in Royston’s High Street.

“We had a few glasses of prosecco and I didnt want to get the train home on my own so I called my daughter Saffron to ask her to pick me up,” said Lol.

“We went to Viva Pizza and I remember putting my phone on the side while I got my purse. I’ve been having trouble remembering things lately because of stress, but I know I had it then.”

When Lol got home after the night out on September 7 she realised she didn’t have the phone, which had many pictures on it of her mum Ellen Silver from Buckden, who died last year.

Lol said: “The phone didn’t bother me, it was the pictures.

“I saved them to the phone, and the last ones of mum were literally days before she died last year.

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“My dad John died of a heart attack in his sleep aged 84 three years ago, and after that mum wasn’t well, but we thought it was the shock of losing dad. She had tests at Hinchingbrooke and Papworth hospitals and it was found she had cancer.

“She was 90, but still active, she was still doing her own housework and cooking.

“She was Irish, and her career was as a nurse, she also joined the British Army when she was 17.

“We went to the appointment with her and were told she had multiple myeloma and that she had months, not years, left – she died four weeks later in hospital. It’s been awful.

“Our last memory of her is in so much pain.

“The pictures were taken when she could still sit up and talk to us, to me I’d rather have these memories than the ones I have of her not being able to communicate and being in agony.

“There’s a lovely picture of her and my grandson as well. We just want the pictures back.

“I volunteer at Royston’s district museum on Tuesdays, so if anyone thinks they may have the phone or know someone with it I would be eternally grateful if they could hand it into the museum or let the Crow know and I will collect it, because the pictures mean so much to me.”

Lol’s phone was a gold Samsung Galaxy in a black case with a black horse on the front.

If you know where it is, email