Former hostage Robin Plummer launches book

FORMER Libyan hostage and Royston resident Robin Plummer praised the people of his home town after the launch of his new book at the weekend.

The book, titled A Brush with Madness, which documents the tale of his kidnapping by Colonel Gadaffi’s regime in Libya in 1984, was given an official launch at the Old Bull Inn in Royston High Street on Saturday.

Mr Plummer said: “It was a pleasure to do the book launch in my home town of Royston having had a long association here and a lot of support from friends and neighbours.

“The people who attended the launch asked insightful questions including what did I leave out of the book, and with all the tension of prison life did it ever come to fisticuffs. To which the response is read the book!”

Mr Plummer was held for nine months, much of it in solitary confinement, before famed negotiator Terry Waite became involved.

Rachel Russell, who edited the book, and Alan Florence, a former ITN sound man who covered the story when it originally broke, were also in attendance at the launch, where Mr Plummer spoke in detail and fielded questions.

The book is available from David’s Bookshop in Letchworth, or from